Mosquito Speicals..... Call 757-635-7931 for appt.

Full Season Special...
             Dead Bug mosquito season runs from May 1st through October 31st. There are 9 services during this period. Normal cost for repeat service is 9 x $59.00 for a total of $531.00. You can save $132.00 by prepaying. Enjoy the entire summer season, without the hassle of making appts., remembering to make payments, and returning calls. Prepay only $399.00 and spend the rest of the time enjoying your yard, knowing you are protected. Your service will be on auto pilot. Every 21 days your yard will be treated and a receipt will be left on your door. Time in and out will be on the receipt. If the barrier breaks down at anytime you can call for a free re-service. You are covered from the annoyance of mosquitoes for the entire season no matter what it takes. You can even call for a booster treatment for a special event if needed. Payments can be made with; Mastercard, Visa or check.

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