Bee Control
​Bee, and Wasp control. Starting at  ($89.00) for extermination and removal of nests.

Carpenter Bees, treatment and patching of holes single story, Step ladder. Starting at ($89.00)
Second story, extension ladder staring at ($129.00)
Dead Bug's Services...
At Dead Bug, we are commited to providing unrivaled customer service at the lowest price possible. We are able to do this because the same person inspecting your house is the only person you will ever deal with. Our technicians own their territories.
Mosquito Control
Mosquito control is a popular service providing the home owner a bite free outdoor experience. Each spray is guaranteed for 21 days. If you are still being bit, we will respray your yard for free.  Safe for pets and children. Does not kill Bees or other pollinating insects.

 ($79.00) One shot / discount available for seasonal customers.
Based on residential, single family home with average to large yard. More than an acre will be extra. Commercial properties quoted individually.
Flea control
Move outs with no active fleas under 1500 sq. ft. starting at ($89.00)

Active infestation under 1500 sq. starting at ($129.00 )

Must leave home for four hours and remove all pets. must vacuum house day of service and three times after in 14 day period for effective control.
Specializing In
Bees, Fleas, Mosquitos,and Ticks
Tick Control
Tick control includes a yard spray and a granular application. It is guaranteed for 30 days.  Must stay of grass for one hour and pets for rest of day. 

($140.00 ) based on half acre lot.
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